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Tribo Electric Based Dust Monitor

Tribo Electric Based Dust Monitor
Tribo Electric Based Dust Monitor
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Product Code : S303
Product Description

Our Tribo Electric Based Dust Monitor is grounded on special inductive electrification advancement while the measurement is grounded on particles cooperating with a distinctive probe attached into the stack or duct. When moving particles hit or travel around the probe, a sign is induced. This sign is afterwards treated through a range of propelled algorithms to eliminate the sound as well as offer most precise dust assessment output. Outfitted with double free alert relays that are employed early failure and warning or attached to alarm-instruments, our Tribo Electric Based Dust Monitor is deployed to indentify filter breakage, blockage and deterioration. The alerts are deployed for process regulation as off-on system in flow- no circulation conditions in pneumatic transport and bulk solids handling applications. Faster feedback time, an integral feature of our monitor, enable prior identification and avert costly product loss to surroundings.

Key features:

  • Accessible with span and self zero check
  • Feature of filter bag seepage detection
  • Mechanical drift compensation and range setup
  • No demand of optical windows cleaning and manual adjustment
  • Two selectable alarm relays in nc or no
  • Has 420 ma signal output; and remote configuration and setup
  • Particulate and certified emissions monitoring as mg/mg3
  • Integrated with serial communication





2 Independent alarm relays

4–20 mA signal output


Remote setup & configuration


Self zero check





Span check





Filter bag leak detection

Filter performance



Particulate emissions monitoring in mg/m3



Certified emissions monitoring in mg/m3




Serial communication

ATEX approved model





Remote models







x Optional