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Thickness Tester

We offer Thickness Testers, which are the most widely utilized nondestructive test methods employed for the measuring the thickness of an object from one side. These are fast, versatile and reliable & dissimilar to a caliper or micrometer these demand accession to all sides of the test parts. Employed for the non-destructive measurement of insulating layer, nonmagnetic coating and dry film thickness (DFT) on ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals, these offer accurate results in all kinds of premises. The Thickness Testers are the indispensable quality assurance implements when applying, anodizing and galvanizing zinc coat to several metallic surfaces.

Key Points :

  • Assist in measuring the body paint thickness as well as uniformity on pre-owned cars.
  • Reveal repainted spots, determine hidden damages & expose unrevealed mishaps.
  • Evaluate the expected life of a coating, its appearance and performance,
  • Insure abidance with a multitude of international standards.