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Thermo Anemometer

Portable Thermo Anemometer is an instrument that helps in measuring the magnitude of total velocity over a horizontal plane in a specific direction. The mentioned anemometer uses a fine wire that is heated up to a certain temperature. To obtain the relationship between wire resistance and velocity, its electrical resistance and temperature are used, as these both depend upon each other. A broad range of anemometers with distinct features can be availed to measure velocity of wind and air. Our offered array of Portable Thermo Anemometer is highly demanded for various industrial applications because of their minimum level of electronic noise, high frequency response, excellent compatibility with hot film sensors and many more.


  • Find usage in wind tunnels for analyzing heat sink and circuit boards
  • Used for measuring flow of gas within turbulent flow condition
  • Determining velocity using its relationship with heat transfer
  • Allows for the profiling of flow characteristics