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Thermal Imaging Cameras

We offer Thermal Imaging Camera (informally named as TIC) is a kind of thermographic camera that is utilized in firefighting. By interpreting infrared radiation as visible light, these cameras enable the firefighters to view the areas of heat through darkness, smoke or heat-permeable obstruct. The camera is specifically hand-held and can be helmet-mounted as well. Constructed by making the use of heat and water-resistant protections, the camera has a rugged structure to stand firm in the hazards of fire-ground operations. It comes with ergonomic designing, superior sensitivity and image clarity. Thermal Imaging Camera is the ultimate tool to contour your workday.

Key Points :

  • Configured for everyday utilization in all environment for accurate and thorough inspections.
  • Incorporated with optimal quality amplifier, optic system, display, detector and signal processing.
  • Affordable and versatile performance, which proffers superior image quality.
  • Utilization of gray-scale so as to typify average temperature objects.