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Tachometer Instrument

We offer Digital Tachometers, which are the efficient microprocessor-based digital tachometer instruments, which are efficiently capable for measuring the shaft speeds. Proffered with a sophisticated internal software as well as a quartz crystal pressurized reference frequency, these instruments are capable to hold out accuracy even if the shaft is crinkle. Applicative in process applications for monitoring the rates and speeds, these come with the numeration of discrete input signals. Provided Digital Tachometers assist in the procedures of mixing, punching, alarming, cutting, batching, diverting, filling, drilling etc. The devices are appreciated for accuracy in operation and display accurate results.

Key Points :

  • Proffer a variety of utilization in assorted applications.
  • User inputs are allowed for special functions.
  • Simple-to-use front-panel interface that is organized to exhibit all desired units of measure.
  • Accessible with a vast range of humidity as well as temperature.