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Stack Dust Monitoring System

We offer Stack Dust Monitoring System, which is highly compact and comes with intense light beam. These are required for stack simplifying and come with installation and need little purge air for the transmitter. These come with good stability and extended serviceable life. In contrast to arrangements, which utilize traditional light bulbs and require constant compensation. The laser source is comparatively resistant to the aging effect. Offered Stack Dust Monitoring System comes with typical life span and displays accurate results every time. On account of high intensity of the laser this device can well penetrate the higher dust densities.

Key Points :

  • Procedures with well-known and distinctly defined wave lengths.
  • Theoretical calculations and their results more certain as opposed to conventional sources.
  • No changes in the range of wave lengths and spectrum with the age.
  • Adaptable alarm values as well as alarm relays are available.