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Sound Level Meter

We deal in Portable Sound Level Meters, which are utilized for acoustic (sound that moves via air) measures. These are is usually hand-held instruments that are accessible with a microphone. The diaphragm of the mike responds when there is a change in the air pressure reasoned by sound waves. Due to this these instruments are sometimes known as Sound Pressure Level (SPL) Meters.

These are commonly applicable for noise pollution studies for the measurement of assorted types of noise, particularly for environmental, aircraft and industrial noise. These can be exposed to moderate loud dissonances for a little period that result in no harm. Portable Sound Level Meters require effective steps to for their control and management.

Key Points :

  • Hand-held devices, the portability proffer easy operation.
  • Easy determination of the acoustic intensity and accurate measurement of the sound pressure level.
  • Offered in strapping designs, appropriate for almost all applications.
  • Applicable for all serious hearing conservation programmes.