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Power Supply

We offer DC Power Supply, which is an electronic device used to supply electric energy to an electrical lading. The main function of this device is to convert one kind of electrical energy into another. As an outcome, these are sometimes cited as electric power converters. Some of these power supplies are stand-alone devices, discrete whereas some other are well-stacked into larger instruments along with their loadings. It is classified in assorted constructions and is included with assorted functional features. The use of DC Power Supply is to change a varied DC voltage to a changeless, frequently specific, lower DC voltage.

Key Points :

  • Provides a current limiting function so as to protect the power supply.
  • Protect the load from over-current that is inordinate & potentially destructive.
  • Provides electric energy of set polarity, either negative or positive.
  • Take out energy from a power input and present it to a power yield.