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Mini Multimeters

Digital Mini Multimeter is sturdily made by combining a number of measurement functions in a single unit for measuring resistance, current or voltage. Our offered range can be held by hand which is highly demanded in the industries for finding faults in the field service work for obtaining accuracy of higher degree. These may also find application in troubleshooting the problems that occur in the electrical systems including motor controls, power supplies, wiring systems, electronic equipment, domestic appliances and many more. The mentioned Digital Mini Multimeter can be availed with large selections of features such as numeric display to represent graphical bar of the measured value.

Key Points:

  • Used to measure building facilities like circuit breaker, industrial equipment and distribution boards
  • Available with a built-in stand and straps for the wrist to have hands-free testing
  • Other application areas include laboratories, schools, factories, etc.
  • Handy and compact design to have easy portability