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IR Thermometer

The mentioned range of thermometers infers temperature from thermal ration portion, which is known as black body radiation emitted from the measure object. We offer an immense array of versatile Portable Infrared Thermometer that possess a number of distinct features such as optical telescopic sighting, PSC software for analyzing and logging data and many more. The fixed focus optics or the adjustable ones helps in providing small size spots for easy, quick and accurate measurement of temperature ranging from -50°C to 3000°C. Depending upon the type of application and usage, various wavelengths can be rendered by them. Some Portable IR Thermometer are quite effective to measure lustrous or semi-shiny surfaces.

Application areas in which these portables find usage are listed below:
  • Composites
  • Electrical connections
  • Motors
  • Paper
  • PC board components
  • Rusted / dull metals
  • Switch gear
  • Wood
  • And many more