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Industrial Multimeters

We offer Industrial Multimeters, which have been specifically designed for identifying the complex signal difficulties. When fecundity is on the line and there is a necessity of solving the problems, these instruments solve them with their advanced accuracy and precocious troubleshooting capacities. Configured specifically for handling the complex signals, these multimeters enable the operator to gain productivity by taking the estimation out of the drive system troubleshooting even in high energy, loud and high altitude positions. Offered Industrial Multimeters are extremely reliable and come with accurate frequency activities on adaptable speed drives (ASD) because of fluke-configured low-pass filters.

Key Points :

  • Built-in thermometers offer temperature measurements without an abstracted measuring device.
  • Dual display resolution enable to see small changes in exhibited readings.
  • Peak Min/Max are provisioned for capturing the intermittent.
  • Offer accurate results without extra efforts and demand negligible maintenance.