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Indoor Air Quality Meter

Most of the work environments and homes require people to stay indoors and spend most of their time being there. It means that health of a person is completely dependent upon the surrounding where he/she works. This being the reason, businesses are now showing interest in air quality systems for keeping a check on the health condition of the workers by maximizing the productivity and conserving energy. In order to fulfill these requirements, we offer Air Quality Meters for Indoors to monitor the quality of air in the indoor environment. Known for their consistency, reliability and easy usage, these are highly demanded to be installed in confined spaces for preventing molds and monitoring the level of carbon dioxide.

Key Points:

  • Can also detect refrigerants, Hydrogen Sulphide, Nitrogen dioxide, etc.
  • Helpful for monitoring temperature and relative humidity
  • Used for detecting leakage of gases
  • Ensures better health and safe