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Continuous Air Quality Monitoring System

Monitoring air quality is necessary for local regime as well as major private and public industries as it helps in detecting & preventing air pollution and evaluating emission sources. It helps us to preserve health and lends to the fight against the effect of greenhouse. Offered Continuous Air Quality Monitoring System suffices the same function and assist in protecting the humans and environment from pernicious air pollution. Enabling real-time air quality measures of crucial metrics, these help the masses to better understand air quality. With a focus on negligible maintenance and reduced cost of ownership, Continuous Air Quality Monitoring System is dependable and easy to use in various field.

Key benefits :

  • Appropriate for both short-term and long-term deployments, feature research-level accuracy.
  • Proffer simultaneous air quality measurements.
  • Battery operation make the instrument more convenient, portable and affordable.
  • Ensure a safe, clean, fresh and breathable environment.