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Clamp Meter

Offered Digital Clamp Meters are applicable for quality optimization, procedure control and regulatory abidance. These are accessible with integral AC current clamps and are named as clamp-on ammeters or tong testers. Capable to measure the variable sum of the currents flowing in every conductor passing via the probe, these are concerned with the phase relationship of the currents. Provided electrical devices come with jaws that open to enable clamping around the electrical conductors. This processing of Digital Clamp Meters enable the measurement of the current in a conductor without the demanding physical contact or disconnection or insertion via the probe.

Key Points :

  • Reading of the magnitude of AC is possible with additional instrumentation.
  • The waveform and phase can also be easily measured.
  • Simple measuring of very high currents.
  • Used in combination with some meters so as to measure electrical power as well as energy.
  • Proffered with robust designs that assist in ease of operation.