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Cable Testers

Be it the installation of new cables or to troubleshoot the existing one, Cable Tester play an essential role in the entire process. Our offered range is constructed with a several focused and distinct features to fulfill the requirements of every industry. Based on type of task to be performed, these may vary in performance, application and price. We have all kinds of Cable Testers, whose classification ranges from certification and verification to qualification. Each of the group offers distinct level of operational assurance. These ensure Ensures that the cabling system is in compliance to the industry norms. The mentioned testers also help in determining whether speed of particular network can be linked to the existing cable or not.


  • Installation defects such as split pairs can be easily detected
  • To verify if the cable is appropriately connected or not

Cable Testers are used to conduct the following tests:

  • Length
  • Wire map
  • Attenuation
  • Next
  • Dc loop resistance
  • Return loss