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Borescope Inspection Camera

An optical tool that find usage for viewing such areas that otherwise would not be visible by naked eyes is known as Borescope Inspection Camera. It is inserted into an object that is to be evaluated without damaging the object. It includes a flexible tube that may be rigid also, depending upon the requirement. Besides, it has an eyepiece at an end and an objective lens on the other one. The mentioned lens and eyepiece are linked together with the help of a relay optical system. An image is captured the lens of Borescope Camera and is magnified for the viewer to clearly see it.

Key Points:
  • Perfect to various inspections including security, welding, industrial machinery, concealed contraband and many more
  • Renders video and photo recording operations along with a wireless display to have an unobstructed view without worrying about the camera angle
  • Finds usage for the inspection of wall cavities for moisture content, infestation of insects, or to know the location of water pipes or electrical wiring
  • With simple design, borescope inspection cameras can be easily manipulated as per their requirement.